We build environmentally friendly Aerial Adventure Parks, tree houses, stand-alone elements.

Big Blue Aerial is based out of Lake Tahoe, CA.  Many of us long-time locals affectionately call the lake, Big Blue.  Choosing to live in this region is testimony to our mindset and values, and creates the foundation for Big Blue Aerial.  We believe in creating custom aerial adventures that accentuate, showcase, and care for the environment.

We also design, construct and operate Aerial Adventure Parks, taking them from 0-60 in a matter of months.  We understand all aspects of the business, this experience is invaluable when it comes to design - it sets us apart.        


We have experience - lots of it!  We've operated traditional Ropes Courses for 20 years, Climbing Walls for 25 years, CA state classified Amusement rides for 14 years, and the first Aerial Adventure park in California, located in Lake Tahoe.  What this means is;

  1. We understand how traditional Ropes Courses flow and how the market has changed to want a more contemporary idea, statically-belayed aerial trekking courses.  We know how to keep traditional ropes courses relevant and popular while injecting some new and exciting events. 
  2. We have built courses and operate in the Lake Tahoe area.  We have worked with some of the toughest and most protective regulatory agencies anywhere.  
  3. We are located in California and have worked with the state (Department of Industrial Relations - OSHA) for 10 years.  We understand and appreciate their perspective and intention to raise the collective bar.  If your state or region isn't regulated yet - get ready, they're coming.    


There is no shortage of feedback coming our way.  You can go to Trip Advisor to see our ratings (Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park)  Our average is 5 stars and we're ranked #1 in Tahoe.  In case you haven't heard, there's a lot to do in Tahoe.  The ratings and ranking cannot come from a well-operated park by itself, a well-thought design has to be there initially.  As operators, as well as builders, we get constant customer feedback - a lot of it is flattering and inflates our egos, some of it is a slap in the face and kick in the butt.  All feedback is appreciated, ingested, and used to help us improve.  

Our Team

Jesse Desens

Jesse Desens

President & CEO

Hometown:  Alpine Meadows, CA , 30 year Tahoe Local

What brought me here:  Moved here to ski but stay here for the amazing Summers.

Previous Work Experience: I have opened and operated many small businesses in the tahoe region;  Espresso bars, retail music store, cafes, climbing walls, bar & grill, general store, adventure activities, etc.

Why I love working at Big Blue:  I love how the design and building of what we do brings smiles to so many.

Favorite Course:  Windchimes at Tahoe Treetop has huge variety, interesting features, and is challenging.

Outside of work passions/hobbies:  I love spending time with my wife and young kids; paddleboarding, biking, camping, etc.

Topher Marlatt

Topher Marlatt

Director of Operations

Hometown:  Kings Beach, CA 13 year Tahoe Local

What brought me here:  Pursuing my passion in the outdoors.

Previous Work Experience: construction, outdoor education, customer service/hospitality

Why I love working at Big Blue:  It enables me to remain connected with the outdoors while providing an outlet for my creative passions

Favorite Course:  Twins at Tahoe Treetop, it combines extreme heights with the fast action of multiple zip lines.

Outside of work passions/hobbies:  Rock Climbing





Erik Keselica

Erik Keselica

Director of Design & Construction

Hometown:  Alpharetta, GA.

What brought me hereMy parents moved to Reno while I was at college in New Jersey.  I loved coming to the lake during the summers, and decided to move here after school.

Previous Work ExperienceI worked as an outdoor camp counselor for the YMCA during high school, and then doing research and development for a mining company in Reno after college.

Why I love working at Big Blue: Problem solving; each project has site-specific challenges that need to be addressed.  I also enjoy the creative process behind designing and determining the course layouts.

Favorite Course:  The black diamond course at our Martis Camp location.  Each bridge feels appropriately difficult, and the zig-zag spacing of the last three events is great for pictures.

Outside of work passions/hobbies: Going to the gym, and functional fitness of all kinds.  I also love hiking, swimming, trail running, climbing, golf, and skiing.


Nate Davis

Construction Projects

Hometown:  Canton, CT

What brought me here:  The Sierra Nevada mountains and the California sunshine!

Previous Work ExperiencePatagonia, the outdoor service industry

Why I love working at Big Blue:  I love working with my hands; crafting fun and exciting events that give people a unique tree top experience.

Favorite Course:  Snowboard at Tahoe Treetop.  It offers a wide variety of intermediate events and you get to zip line on a snowboard!

Outside of work passions/hobbies:  Climbing, skiing, snowboarding



Lewis Hardcastle

Construction Projects


What brought me here

Previous Work Experience:  

Why I love working at Big Blue: 

Favorite Course:  

Outside of work passions/hobbies:  


Riley Snieckus

Construction Projects


What brought me here:      

Previous Work Experience:  

Why I love working at Big Blue: 

Favorite Course:  

Outside of work passions/hobbies:   


Krissy Holder

Accounting, Office Manager

Hometown:  Tahoe City, 5 year local

What brought me here:  A lifetime desire to make Tahoe my permanent home. 

Previous Work Experience: Real Estate and Property Development, Travel Industry, and working with kids in many capacities 

Why I love working at Big Blue: What could be more fun? Great, dynamic staff and amazing work environment. I get to wear many hats.

Favorite Course:  Twins at Tahoe Treetop. Simply majestic.

Outside of work passions/hobbies:  Hiking, camping, swimming, photography, reading, and exploring with my husband and dog.